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Pure Herbal, the only registered herbal medicine factory by MoPH of Afghanistan and AISA. Pure Herbal, established itself in 2014 and expanded its market to all parts of Afghanistan. The out-put of Pure Herbal's Research and Development process has been 10 remarkable products which are the market leaders in Afghanistan. Pure Herbals, is also spreading its wings and trying to enter the international markets like Nigeria to start with R&D experts team have developed 5 new products to launch in 2019. Pure Herbal continually conducts customer clinical surveys to ensure about the quality of its products also to prove the good reputation of its brand in the market. Pure Herbal has tested its products in an internationally approved laboratory in India to make sure about the quality and standards which is needed to enter the international market. Allele Life Science Ltd has confirmed the quality of our products after doing standard tests include Trace Analysis, Component Analysis, and Microbial Analysis..

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Why PureHerbal


100 % Natural

no synthetic, artificial ingredients or additives.


Pure Herbal is producing all of its products based on people requirement.


The quality of our products are defined by our customers.


We are available 24 hours to consult our patient free of cost.


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چای نعناع

فوایدی چای نعناع !
نعناع گیاهی سرشار از خاصیت و حاوی آنتی اکسیدانها میباشد و  چای آن مجموعه از خواص و مزایایی سلامتی را به همراه دارد. چای نعناع آرامش بخش و درم...

11 months ago

فواید چای گل نارنج

خواص چای گل نارنج !

تقویت کننده سیستم عصبی و آرامبخش  از مهم ترین خواص چای گل نارنج است. سردردهای میگرن و عصبی را نیز سریعا کاهش میدهد. از دیگر خواص...

1 year ago

چای گل محمدی

چای گل محمدی یک نوشیدنی معطر و فوق العاده با خواص عالی و پر خاصیت برای آنهایی است که علاقه مند به نوشیدنی های گرم هستند . چای گل محمدی باعث تسکین دستگاه عصبی میشود . اگر به طور منظم ازاین چای میل ک...

1 year ago