Pure Herbal is the only registered herbal medicine factory by the ministry of health of Afghanistan and Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Pure herbal company launched its first product on April 19, 2014 and expanded its market to all parts of Afghanistan with two new products within a short period of time. The main competitive advantage of Pure Herbal is having talented experts who work on new creative and high quality products through research and development. The out-put of this research and development process have been 7 remarkable products which are the market leaders in Afghanistan. These products include:

  1. Prostamed
  2. Sugar Balance Capsules
  3. Ginseng Plus Capsules
  4. Anti Hemorrhoids
  5. Pain Relief Oil
  6. Akseer Meada
  7. Sugar Balance Tea 

Meanwhile the company is trying to enter the international markets with these 7 products, R&D experts team have developed 5 new products to launch in 2018. Pure Herbal continually conducts customer clinical surveys to ensure about the quality of its products also to prove the good reputation of its brand in the market. The recent survey of 500 customers of Prostamed has shown that 94 % of them have been satisfied of this medicine results 96% Satisfied using Ginseng Plus, More than 90% Satisfied using Sugar Balance Tea, 97% satisfied using Anti Hemorrhoids also 65 % of customers have been satisfied of using Sugar Balance. Pure Herbal has tested its products in an internationally approved laboratory in India to make sure about the quality and standards which is needed to enter the international market. Allele Life Science Ltd have confirmed the quality of our products after doing standard tests include Trace Analysis, Component Analysis and Microbial Analysis.

مسولیت ما پیشکش ادویه جات گیاهی با کیفیت و مطمئن به هموطنان عزیز ما میباشد این شرکت برای ایجاد سهولت بیشتر تلاش دارد تا تولیدات خود را گسترش داده و به صورت صحی و منظم و قابل اعتبار به بازار مینماید 

هدف ما گسترش ادویه جات گیاهی و ترویج استفاده بیشتر از محصولات گیاهی در بین مردم میباشد.تا با استفاده از ادویه جات گیاهی صحت و سالم و بدور از عوارض جانبی باشد. و همچنان به دلیل خدمت بیشتر به مردم بنابر حس بشردوستانه انشا الله تولیدات خویش را به بیرون از کشور نیز صادر خواهم نمود تا باشد که مسولیت خویش را مسولانه انجام دهیم. وانشاالله تعداد محصولات خویش را از هفت قلم ادویه تا دو سال آینده به بیس