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Anti-hemorrhoids capsule is a unique combination of tree herbs for the curing of hemorrhoid. The components of this formulation have good analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and all these effects are required for the better management of hemorrhoid. The anti-hemorrhoid herbal formulation is very safe for use of human practice as all most all herbal components have been tested in animal’s model Oxidation is process which is responsible for more the 100th of disease in human body. The use of anti-oxidant agent supports the body defense mechanism in presentation of large number of diseases. The anti-hemorrhoid herbal formation has scientifically proved anti-Oxidant effect which is responsible for curing hemorrhoid.


Take one pill after breakfast and one after dinner with water every day.


  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Store in a cool and dry place.

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کپسول انتی هیموراید یک ترکیب بی نظیر از سه نوع گیاه برای تداوی بواسیر مفید بوده ، اجزای این ترکیب دارای تاثیرات خوب تخفیف درد التهاب ،سوزش، خارش، ورم ،خون ریزی و بر آمده گی معقد و بهبود بواسیر دارد ، ترکیب گیاهی انتی هیموراید از بابت داشتن تاثیرات ضد زهری در حیوانات مورد آزمایش قرار گرفته و خیلی مصون میاشد

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