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Pure Herbal, the only registered herbal medicine factory by MoPH of Afghanistan and AISA. Pure Herbal, established itself in 2014 and expanded its market to all parts of Afghanistan. The out-put of Pure Herbal's Research and Development process has been 10 remarkable products which are the market leaders in Afghanistan. Pure Herbals, is also...

CEO Message


Let’s Imagine only Joy around….A healthy Smile

We believe to have a Happy & Healthy World!



Our company is dedicated to develop and commercialize advanced herbal medicines based on research and development to help patients cure in a safer way by using natural resources.



To deliver treatment that enables every patient to live healthier, happier and more active life at an easy cost.

Our Products

Akseer Meada

Akseer Maeda

Quick Relief Formula helps in:

  • Hyperacidity
  • Indigestion
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Gastritis
  • Bloating
  • Blenching
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Cholesterol Drop

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure target levels may help adults with type 2 diabetes
  • Prevent or even reverse hardening of their... [read more...]

Pain Relief Oil

Pain Relief Oil offers a comprehensive & effective treatment composed of ingredients derived from natural sources to give quick relief... [read more...]

Sugar Blance Tea

Each blend in the ingredient series has been researched and formulated with only the highest quality herbs from different parts,... [read more...]


Anti-hemorrhoids capsule is a unique combination of tree herbs for the curing of hemorrhoid. The components of this formulation have... [read more...]

Ginsing Plus

Indication of Ginseng Plus Low sperm count Abnormal production of sex hormone Low sperm quality Lack of libido and erectile... [read more...]


Each blend in the ingredient series has been researched and formulated with... [read more...]


prostamed is a herbal effective remedy for BPH, Prostatitis  and its associated symptoms treatment.
Prostamed is completely safe, as it constitutes... [read more...]